Packaging and Pricing

Pricing Guidelines

If you know the average price of a full-page ad your market's alternative weekly magazine, then you can use the process outlined in this deck to calculate recommended prices for your DoXXX's standard ad packages. The formula uses the average price of your market, weighted by the relative size of your current audience, and then recommends rack rates based on what we've seen work across the network. Note that these are only guidelines and should be used as a starting point, and then adjusted based on what you noticed your market will bear.

Rate Card & Ad Unit Pricing Deck

If the partner you're approaching wishes just to see a high-level overview of your main ad units and the prices associated with each, feel free to use this deck that includes a rate card template and specs on each ad unit.

Additional Revenue Drivers

While the proposal templates page details the more standard packages that are commonly used, there are plenty of ancillary options that you can broker with advertisers to drive revenue. Several of our markets have had success including the below components in deals with advertisers to increase their revenue per partner:

ADDITIONAL SERVICES AVAILABLE (Upon Request for an extra fee)
  • DoXXX Photo Packages
    • Starting at $150 we will send out a DoXXX photographer to cover any event.
    • 24 hour turnaround.
    • All packages are paired with DoXXX social media support
    • Photo recap lives forever on
  • DoXXX Ad Design
    • Starting at $50 per ad we can design anything you need.
    • 24 hour turnaround
  • DoXXX Talent / Event Booking
    • For a small percentage DoXXX will consult with you on the booking of any event.

These services can be sold on their own, as featured in this Do312 Additional Services One-Sheet, or they can be sold as part of a larger package, as seen in Do312's Featured Event One-Sheet.

Before including the above options in your proposal, make sure that you have the logistics in place to deliver profitably and in a way that will satisfy the partner. For example, you should be able to get a good professional photographer for $50 per event, netting you an extra $100 each time you sell that option. Keep COGS in mind when negotiating these; having a good relationship with a proven designer/photographer/talent manager will ensure that these options don't become too time consuming or expensive.