Metro Led Sales Process



  • Metro sends program idea to DSM (looping in Kristin, Ross, and which includes:

    • Program Client

    • Program Title/Idea

    • Timeline/Date of Program

    • Known budget or previous spends

    • Estimated COGS

  • Ross/Amelia will complete pricing and pitch deck

  • Ross/Amelia sends to metro with Kristin and Sara/McKenzie looped in

  • Metro sends direct to client (and loops DSM in to follow or drive the conversation)

  • If approved, metro lets Dostuff know (KO, Ross, Amelia, Sara, McKenzie)

  • Amelia creates a SOW and metro sends to client

  • Lead metro intro's Sara/McKenzie to client with external SOW

  • Upon signing, THEN metros are asked to buy in to the program by Sara/McKenzie

  • Sara/McKenzie lets lead/client know who has bought into the program

  • Sara/McKenzie sends metros internal SOW

  • Sara/McKenzie coordinates program