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Managing Your Workflow

I. Introduction

Asana obviously serves as the center of your team’s workflow. You particular projects of focus, whether Content Management or Ad/Editorial, serve as the hubs for your personal workflow. But how do you manage working out of multiple hubs?

Moving between projects will make it more likely that you’ll miss something. Your inbox simply serves as an updates feed and doesn’t enable long-term planning.

The answer: “My Tasks.”

II. Setup

Once you get the setup right, you’ll be able to manage your tasks within your “My Tasks” view seamlessly. You’ll want to revisit these setup steps at the beginning of every week to stay on top of your many projects.

Step 1: Build as many tasks into each specific project related to your responsibilities as you know need to be accomplished.

Step 2: Assign each of these tasks as appropriate to yourself or to members of your team.

Step 3: Assign a due date! If you do not have an exact deadline, make it by the Friday of the current week or the next week if more feasible.

Step 4: Once you have created and assigned yourself all that you know you need to accomplish in the coming week, navigate to “My Tasks.” 

Step 5: View "Tasks By Due Date" at the top of your task list to sort by your upcoming tasks.

Well, look at that: it’s everything you need to get done for the week!

​The dates within the week should be at the top of your list and all these tasks within your various specific projects. Other tasks due in the near future should settle at the bottom (if they really bother you, you can remove the due date and open the “Upcoming” and “Later” views every once in a while to check on what might need a date).

III. Daily Management

Looking at your “My Tasks” view on a Monday morning after setting up your upcoming tasks for the week could seem daunting. Like a jigsaw puzzle in a pile, the pieces require sorting through to get to the big picture.

You essentially have 2 options to manage your daily workflow:

  1. Assign tasks specific due dates throughout the week to organize what you want to accomplish when.  
  2. At the beginning of each day, use the flag to the left of the task title to “Mark for Today” for the tasks you want to accomplish by the end of the day.

Backup... what’s the little blue dot to the left of the task title? This dot indicates it is a new task within your tasks. You can click on the blue dot and select to mark the task for today, upcoming, or later. Marking for today shows a little star within a calendar flag so you can clearly see your tasks for today. Selecting any of these does not change the due date of the task or sort order.

Throughout your day, you can mark tasks complete and determine what to work on next from this view.

​​IV. Adding Tasks During the Week

Adding a new task for yourself?

  • ​Within your “My Tasks” view sort by date, it will automatically be assigned to you and a due date given where you add it.

  • Just remember to share it within its other relevant projects as well.

Adding a new task for someone else?

  • "Tab-q" shortcut enables you to do this from anywhere.

  • Be sure you put it in the relevant project.

  • Designate the DUE DATE when due or a date in the current week so that the assignee sees it at the top “My Tasks” and can change the date as needed.

V. Summary

  1. Create the tasks you want to accomplish in the upcoming week
  2. Assign all tasks a date no later than Friday
  3. In “My Tasks” sort by date
  4. Archive completed tasks
  5. Designate at least a day’s worth of tasks at the beginning of each day
  6. Rock it