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Featured Venue Ads

Featured Venue ads promote venues and their shows across your site. Promoters can also show as Featured Venues. These are wins for your venue/promoter partners because they drive a huge amount of traffic and engagement to their event pages. These are wins for you with the right partners because these venues/promoters directly appeal to your audience and add solid content to your site.

Where do they display?

  •  The dropdown list of venues in your sticky nav across all daily/weekly/etc. and category list pages

  • The events widget in the Featured Section at the bottom of all pages.

How do I sell and price a Featured Venue ad?

  • Just tell the potential partner it's awesome. For more info, see our Sales guidance!

How do I setup and manage a Featured Venue ad?

  • Make sure the venue is in your database, and then follow our detailed setup instructions.
  • When the ad run is complete, set the widget to "Inactive."