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Ad Reporting

1. Q: Why aren't my ads appearing in the ad report I just pulled?
        A: This could be due to a couple reasons. The most common thing to check is if you've associated the ad with the correct advertiser. If it's a featured event: find the event in admin, click the "Set Up Advertisements" link in the right sidebar, and make sure that the name listed in the "Advertiser" dropdown matches the name of the advertiser for which you're pulling the report. The same goes for brand ads, except find that particular advertisement in admin and make what's listed in the "Advertiser" dropdown matches the ad report advertiser.
            If this doesn't fix the problem, check to make sure that you don't have duplicate advertisers. If you have multiple advertisers with the same (or similar) name, it's possible you're pulling a dummy advertiser when all of the ads are actually associated with the other advertiser that shares the name. To avoid this, make sure that each advertiser has a discreet, easily identifiable name. Feel free to view the documentation on advertiser naming best practices.